Add Coupon Tutorial

Adding a Coupon Code on UnlockCoupon is FREE!

In this tutorial we explain how to add a new Coupon on

For the software or service you want to give coupon codes all you need to have is an image and a text description.

Title: The coupon title, in example "10$ Discount for Product Name", where "Product Name" is the name of the software extension or service you give coupon codes for.

Type - The coupon code type, value or percent.

Category - The category where the Coupon will be in, like: Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Services or Other.

Image - A 600x360 pixels image with your product or service.

Description - The software or service description.

Coupon Link - This is the link that you advertise, a link for a product or service you offer, or anything you want to advertise, users that want your coupon code will share this link for you.

Coupon Codes - Add coupon codes separated by (,) comma, make sure you added them on your system first.

Landings - This is the number of unique IPs that visits your Coupon Link before the coupon code is given to the user.

A Coupon can have a different ad linked to it.

If your Coupon Link is a web page different than the software or service you give coupons for, you have the option to change the Ad Details, when users share your Coupon Link, third party services will load details for the link for the Ad Details you add here, or as default the top coupon details.

When choosing a different Ad type the Ad Title,Description and Image  can be used.

Don't forget to put the Coupon link on your product page on your website, so your customers know how to get the coupon code. This is the link for your coupon, in example ""

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