Get Coupon Tutorial


To get a Coupon Code you need to register on first.

Search and find the Coupon and on the details page you will see this button, only when logged in.

Clicking this button will bring up the Coupon details and the link you need to share in order to receive the Coupon Code.

Here we see the Coupon details.

Coupon Value - Showing what is the coupon value, can be a fixed amount or a percent.

Link - The link you need to share to get the coupon code.

Get Link - Easy copy link text box.

Available Coupons - The number of available coupons.

Landings - The number of required unique users that visit the coupon link you share before you get the coupon code.

Users - The number of users like you that want to get this coupon code and shares the coupon link.

Given Coupons - Total number of coupons codes already given.

When you click on the Coupon Link it gets activated and you can see how it does in your account under Account >> Get Coupons page.

Here you can see details about the coupon code you want, like what it unlocks (the coupon value), number of landings, etc.

In the above example the Coupon Code will be visible when the number of Clicks reaches 10.

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