Notice Board

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Notice board is a plugin for Community builder that allows to add a personal message-board for each user (as a bulletin board) (from version 2.0 and the module can be operated without Community Builder).Notice board allows you to create your own post on your message-board, moreover, going on other members profiles, you can see what they wrote.Another feature of Notice board is the opportunity to comment on posts of other users and report them if violated site rules.Notice board simplified editor allows you to insert to your post links, images and video, in addition to simple text.In the administration part of the plugin you can set how many posts per page you need to see and define if you want to send e-mails to administrator and users each time someone makes a comment or a post on the message-board.Notice board also has a plugin folder with English and Italian languages installed by default; these can be modified or, in addition, you can even create a new language!    In few words, Notice board can provide all you need when you wish to implement a message-board for your Joomla community!

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