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You often have to create pages in joomla conceptually similar, with a graphic layout same for all content.Take for example a section "book review" in our website.All pages will have for example the cover image at the top right, title, description, author, review, number of pages, price, publisher etc ... all laid out with certain fonts, certain colors, provisions etc .. .If this site it will have to manage a client, the ideal would be to make it an administrative panel of the fields with form, as many are the voices that will change in the various items (title, description, price, etc ..).In joomla but we can create articles that year only two text fields: Title and text.With article pager but we can make up for this lack.How does it work?It is very simple, just create the backend of a "model", which will function as a kind of stencil for all items.The creation of a model in article pager is as easy as creating an article, in fact we will work on the editor default joomla.Once you have created the model, laid out with right colors, font and layout of the blocks, we should insert the content and, we can do this in two ways:1) The text that will be repeated on every page write them normally.2) The text that will change in all pages (such as title, description, price etc ..) do not write them but we'll add a "tag".What is a tag in article pager? is a word, at our option, type {tag} {/} tag that identifies the area in which it will write the price or description.Each model will be associated with a category of item.After saving the model in article pager, we can create a regular article in joomla, just choose the category, the text will be filled automatically with the model chosen.Now just type the variable content within each tag and you're done!For example, in an article in the category books we could see a model type:...Title: tagtitolo {tagtitolo} {/tagtitolo}...and we will modify it in:...Title: {tagtitolo}Test{/tag_titolo}...Obviously in the frontend all tags will be removed from article pager.The nice thing is that if we decide to change the layout just change it one time in the model and automatically change to all pages that have been applied this model.For any questions please contact me!

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